Even the Spring Follows the Season of Winter

And just like that, we find ourselves in April—a month celebrated in temperate countries as the height of spring.

The Philippines is a tropical country so we don’t really get to experience the round of the four seasons. Nevertheless, it’s not hard to find a sense of resonance with the promise and the idea of spring—how a period of dormancy and death is always followed by a season of vigor and vitality. This is the cycle of life, and as living creatures, we’re subject to this cycle as well.

Unfortunately, living in a frenzied, hyper-stimulated and synthetic global culture such as ours means that the vast majority of us are out of touch with what it means to be a creature of cycles. We’ve lost the art of following the rhythmic patterns of the sun, the moon, the stars and the tides, and I point this out because it has some very serious and tangible consequences on our well-being.

If we think about it, a cycle simply means that a predictable sequence repeats itself endlessly and automatically. In nature, the supreme cycle is one of birth, growth, decay and death. The cycle reveals itself daily—as the round of sunrise, day, sunset and night—or annually as the succession of spring, summer, fall and winter. If you connect the dots, the cycle simply means that death precedes birth; night precedes sunrise; and winter precedes spring.

In short, periods of stillness, silence and perhaps even stagnation are necessary for periods of vibrancy, vigor and vitality.

Yet we’ve forgotten this today. We push ourselves endlessly, extending the length of our days with electricity, banishing our need for rest with caffeine and using the force of our minds to suppress the wants of our bodies.

Little wonder then that we’re beginning to suffer from an epidemic of adrenal burn-out, anxiety, depression and fatigue. Our lives cannot be perpetual springs or summers, no matter what our consumer-driven society would have us believe.

And so, in this month of April, I invite you to reflect on where in your life you can integrate this notion of the cycle. Where, in the ongoing treadmill of your commitments, can you give yourself permission to hit the “pause” button so that you can genuinely rest, renew and rejuvenate yourself? If you find yourself thinking: “I don’t have the time,” consider that an honest-to-goodness reboot will give you the energy, enthusiasm and exuberance you need to get things done later with much less time and effort.

After all, there’s just as much beauty in winter as there is in spring—and just as much to delight the heart in the sun’s descent from the heavens as there is in its rise through the sky.


P.S. Besides renewing ourselves, spring is also an awesome time for renewing our commitments! Click here for some awesome tips on spring cleaning your 2019 goals!

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