Listen to the Soft, Nearly Inaudible Voice Within

In this featured blog post, physician, startup founder, yoga teacher and White Space Wellness yoga teacher training graduate KM Magtubo shares her story of the #roadlesstraveled.

It was a message I’d received many times before in the past four years: Was I interested in training to be a yoga teacher?

I was tempted to pretend I didn’t get the message as I had the previous times I’d received it. After all, me? A yoga teacher???

No way.

In an instant, my mind launched into the litany of reasons why I should say no: I wasn’t the right shape or the right size, I wasn’t strong enough or bendy enough, I wasn’t financially ready, I had way too much on my plate…The list went on and on. There was just no way.

I read the message again and again, staring at my phone for what felt like hours. I didn’t want to “ghost” the sender—who was my teacher after all—as that would have been rude. She’d asked me a question, and I thought, “Why don’t I just answer?” So I paused and asked myself: “Well, KM, are you interested?”

It was a soft and nearly inaudible voice that replied: “Yes.”

I took a deep breath, hit the reply button and said, yes, I was interested. Over the next few weeks, my teacher and I worked out the details and, in about a month, I was officially signed on as a trainee.

That was eight months ago. I finished my training, I’ve taught a few classes and I’m on my way to getting certified as a yoga teacher. Who would’ve thought? Certainly not me, eight months ago.

I’ve looked back at that moment many times, but I still can’t say why exactly I decided to respond with that yes. I felt like I’d been perched on the edge of a cliff for so long with an inexplicable desire to jump, and that soft, nearly inaudible, voice was the cue my feet had been waiting for to finally leave that rock. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know what was waiting for me below or that I didn’t have a parachute or a safety net. It was just time to jump.

So, I did.

And as I did, I was filled with a sudden rush of release—as if the universe itself were breathing a sigh of relief and saying “Finally.” There was no worry and no fear; just joy.

If I’d known then what was waiting for me at the bottom of that cliff, I would have jumped a long time ago. But that’s not the way life works; we don’t get to skip to the end.

This is why it is so important for us to listen to that soft, nearly inaudible, voice that’s inside all of us. That voice is our highest self—the one that’s always on our side and is ready to further our greatest good.

So the next time you find yourself on the edge of a cliff, wondering if you should jump, just pause and listen for that voice. It’s there inside you and has always been. And when it tells you to jump, take a deep breath—and let go.

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