Making the Most of a Brand New School Year

This year marks the official transition of the Philippines’ tertiary education school opening to August from June. While the advantages and disadvantages of the shift have continued to be debated, the fact remains that the start of any new school year engenders both anticipation and anxiety amongst students.

On the one hand, a new academic year offers the possibility of a fresh start. On the other hand, it also guarantees the many burdens that are characteristic of tertiary level education, i.e., balancing one’s curricular and extracurricular work with one’s personal needs and one’s social life; tolerating the frequent dearth of choices when it comes to classes, classmates, teachers and timetables; and figuring out what one actually wants to do with one’s life after graduation.

For myself personally, I found life after graduation profoundly easier than life before graduation. Even if the stakes are much higher at work than in school, I’ve found that the world of work provides a far greater degree of simplicity and autonomy than the world of school.

For this reason, White Space Wellness will be offering tips this month of August on how students can make the most of the school year ahead. While many of the challenges that come with formal education are inevitable, they can be handled with far more ease and grace with a bit of planning and foresight. Even those of you who are no longer students can benefit from the tips, as a number of these strategies still apply to life at large.

Regardless of whether you’re a student in school or a student of life, we wish you a successful and fulfilling new school year ahead.

May your journey be marked with ease and grace!

P.S. If you’re looking for a short collection of smart tips on making the most of the school year ahead, just click here. While the article was originally written for a high school audience, I found the writer’s tips so practical and useful that I figured everyone should read them!

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