Making the New Year Rush Last All Year

New Year’s Day brings a magic that never fades no matter how many such days we experience in our lives. Not even the most jaded among us is immune to the bewitching sense of possibility that the start of a new year brings.

The cynicism tends to kick in later when the euphoria finally subsides and we begin to realize the enormity of the effort required in following through on our resolutions. While the cynicism is understandable, it’s by no means necessary. It is possible to fulfill our intentions—but we first need to recognize that heightened emotions alone won’t suffice to fuel our efforts for the remainder of the year. With the right context and with sufficient planning, however, we can take the spark of inspiration that the New Year provides and turn it into something that can blaze for the rest of 2020.

For this reason, we’ll be sharing an entire month’s worth of tips on making and maintaining #NewYearsResolutions on our Instagram account this January. Our hope is that by sharing these tried-and-tested strategies, we can support your efforts in crafting a life that’s filled with more vitality, harmony, serenity and prosperity this year.

After all, as a wise man once put it:

“What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year.”

Vern McLellan

Here’s to bringing the best of who we already are to this brand new year!


Photo courtesy of Renata Adrienn.

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