On the Gratitude Behind Beginnings

Today, White Space Wellness begins its public existence. Before today, it lived as an idea, nurtured and supported by relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, strangers and kindred spirits.

It’s because this beginning was preceded by other beginnings and was, in fact, made possible by them, that we thought it fitting to start with an act of gratitude.

So in this post, we thank all the people whose contributions have made this beginning possible. To paraphrase the opening mantra of our particular yoga tradition, we bow at your lotus feet.

First of all, we thank the people involved in the May 2011 200 Hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program held by Greenpath Yoga and Boracay Yoga. Thank you Kaz Castillo and Mo-Ching Yip of Boracay Yoga, Clayton Horton of Greenpath Yoga, Karen Neff, Tom Neff, Dieter Schrottman and Jove Schrottman of Mandala Spa and Villas, Kat Albano, Mina Aquino, Maria Birmingham, Anna Cu-Unjieng, Anoushka Dabholkar, Lynette Diaz, Mizel Evangelista, Jackie Giducos, Louise Isobel, Zemfira Khayrullina, Joycee Lah, Lallaih Lopez, Patrick Nguyen, Kumi Noguchi, Kristiina Peltoniemi, Neil Salang, Chit Sales, Sebastian Stoeber, Tin Tiu and Hikaru Yoshikawa. It was in your company that the possibility of White Space Wellness was born.

Second, we thank the people who graced us with their artistry, creativity, energy, generosity, ingenuity and passion. Thank you Rey Lane of Rush Hour Solutions, Patch Silva of Silva Design Studio, Trina Valenzuela-Flores of Village Pro’Jekt, Kat Albano, River Albano, John Paul Bernardo, Charisse Bernardo, Joanna Bitagcol, Nikki Fabie, Ina Flores, Rolando Getalado, Lallaih Lopez, Rani Ocampo, Janaka Ordoñez, Tara Peñales, Ricky Villabona and Pam Viguera. It was your combined efforts that allowed White Space Wellness to assume physical form and acquire visual expression.

Third, we thank the people who provided us with generous advice, lent us unwavering support or opened unexpected doors. Thank you Jeannie Javelosa and Marilen Elizalde of Echo Yoga, Trineth Sese of Fratrie, Aljor Perreras and Susan Sabado of Landmark Education, Chrissie Antonio and Sixto Antonio of the Regis Center, Maricar Holopainen and the other faculty of the Urban Ashram, Julie Alagde-Carretas, Analiya Ancajas, James Asprer, Cookie Somera-Atienza, Liv Baranda, John Paul Bernardo, Joel Caballa, Kaz Castillo, Irene Chia, Heiko Claussen, Rico Colayco, Dawn Coloma, Jerry Coloma, Mia Cruz-Obillo, Ernest Custodio, Trin Custodio, Jeline De Dios, Reg De Los Reyes, Lesley Dimson, Mench Diokno, Mizel Evangelista, Solène Figuereido, Saar Herman, Denise Hippler, Aisa Jarales, Lydia Kopp, Celia Lazaro, Alex Lim, Joey Imson-Lim, May Liwanag, Arianne Olegario, Mac Macasaet, Alcestis Mangahas, Fabian Mangahas, Joel Obillo, Eric Picart, Mayan Quebral, Peter Ramolete, Tria Ramolete, Geevee Rivadelo, Joy Rivadelo, Robert Rubin, Sarah Salcedo-Rubin, Editha Tobias, Elaine Tupaz, Eleanor Tupaz, Wilfred Tupaz, Willie Tupaz, Francis Uy, Ricky Villabona, Jen Villalon, Ming Villasis and Mo-Ching Yip. It was through your contributions that this dream became reality.

Fifth, we thank the people whose passion for their practice and dedication to their discipline have not only given us partners in work but also sources of inspiration. Thank you to our students Frank, Grace, Jane, Karen, Laya, Malou, Martin, Menchic, Nica and Yanti. It’s always a pleasure and a privilege to share the practice with you, and we are your students as much as you are ours. Thank you to our fellow teachers Mina Aquino, Ton Delgado, Mizel Evangelista, Karl Go, Billy Goco, Saar Herman and Sarah Salcedo-Rubin. It’s an honor to have you with us, and we look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Sixth, we thank the characters who make up the Stillpointless Ashtanga Yoga Center of the Universe in Quezon City. Thank you Analiya Ancajas, Mina Aquino, Mizel Evangelista, Ivy Evangelista, Saar Herman, Cecilia Lantin, Joji Paz, Art Ponce, Editha Tobias, Jing Tobias, Nicole Tobias and all the rest for the irreverence and for the reminder that nothing, especially yoga, should be taken so seriously. You are our home and our vision of what White Space Wellness’ community could be.

Finally, we thank the people whose unstinting affection, commitment, love and support provided the ground and the momentum for all this. Thank you to our families and to those of our friends close enough to be considered family: Alf, Andi, Berns, Cri, Elaine, Eleanor, Eric, Fred, Geevee, Jerome, Joee, Joy, Julia, Lars, Miguel, Peter, Silvi, Tria, Vads and Willie. We are who we are because of you, and we can do what we can do because of you.

May what we’ve created through all your contributions be of service.

May we contribute to making all beings happy and free.

With gratitude,
Abbey and Eileen

About White Space Wellness

White Space Wellness empowers individuals in elevating their quality and experience of life and in becoming their highest expressions through yoga, mindfulness and nutrition.

5 Responses to On the Gratitude Behind Beginnings

  1. Rico says:

    Hi Abbey and Eileen! What a wonderful website. Well done. Thank you for the acknowledgement and I look forward to having both of you and the enterprise you’ve birthed be a fitting model of what’s possible as tax compliant entities. Here’s to forging on to building our nation, onetax payer at a time! Warm wishes!

  2. Tess says:

    I enjoyed reading this article. I bow and thank you.

  3. Cri and Family says:

    Dearest, all this that you realised its just inspiring and wonderful. Your realising a dream will empower other people to do the same. Your determination will be an inspiration. Spread the love.

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