On the Start of the Year

The first time you learn to walk or to ride a bike, your gaze is fixed firmly on the ground close to your feet or your wheels. The sensations and movements are too new and there are too many potential disruptions to your nascent and fragile sense of balance. All your energy and attention is diverted to the simple act of staying upright—of not falling over, of not getting hurt.

The same thing applies to possibly any new endeavor. The ability to shift our eyes upwards, to gaze towards the horizon and to transcend the demands of the immediate is a function not just of experience, but of the confidence born of experience. It’s not that we don’t expect to stumble over things lying underfoot—we simply trust that we already have the ability to not fall flat on our faces. And for the most part, a quick glance downwards every now and then suffices for us to avoid the occasional hazard.

This aversion of the gaze, this shifting of attention to things “further afield,” is what 2013 will be about for White Space Wellness. But the spatial metaphors end here, for “further afield” in our case is really about broadening and deepening the services we currently offer rather than widening our geographical scope. First of all, it will be about making our disciplines more widely available to segments previously untapped, like expectant women and young adults. Second, it will be about supporting our students in bringing deeper levels of mindfulness into other aspects of their lives, so that yoga, pilates, t’ai chi, Reiki or meditation become practices not just “on the mat,” but off the mat as well (not that t’ai chi actually uses a mat, but you get our drift).

What all this translates to for the month of January is the following: (1) the launch of our 21 Day Wellness Challenge, starting with a celebratory 108 Sun Salutations event on January 5; (2) the introduction of a Thursday meditation class starting January 10; (3) the reintroduction of Power Yoga on Saturdays starting January 12; (4) the conduct of our first Reiki Healing Level I Workshop for the year on January 26; and (5) the formal launches of our public prenatal, kids and tweens yoga classes (with the launch dates to be announced later).

All in all, it promises to be an exciting start to an exciting year. So join us as we gaze farther, reach wider and root deeper in our quest for vitality, harmony and serenity.


Abbey and Eileen

About White Space Wellness

White Space Wellness empowers individuals in elevating their quality and experience of life and in becoming their highest expressions through yoga, mindfulness and nutrition.

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