What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

In the Philippines, the month of May is probably best known as the month in which Mother’s Day is celebrated.

The local recognition accorded to this celebration is hardly unusual given the matriarchal nature of Philippine society, but its increasingly commercial expression has begun to eclipse its deeper significance.

Because the fact is, no amount of pampering on one day of the year can ever remotely repay our mothers for the gift of our lives. Whether it was enduring the excruciating agonies of labor or performing the countless—and often unacknowledged!—acts of nurturing involved in raising a child, the debt we owe our mothers is colossal beyond comprehension. 

The fact that we can’t fully reciprocate all that we’ve been given by our mothers, however, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try. And trying certainly goes well beyond giving our moms a card, a bouquet and an all-expense-paid trip to her favorite spa every second Sunday of May.

It means being willing to consider the possibility, at the very least, that our mothers are actual human beings with aspirations, desires and preferences that don’t necessarily go with the Mommy label—and then finding ways to honor those aspirations, desires and preferences.

Or, as a weary woman Tweeted in a Huffington Post article on what moms really want for Mother’s Day: “I’m at my most ironic when I ask my husband if I can please not have to do anything motherly on Mother’s Day.”

So this month of May, we invite you to get truly creative about the ways in which you can acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate your mother. It will take your time, your energy and your attention to accomplish this, but then again, you wouldn’t even have any time, energy or attention to give if it weren’t for your mom.

May you experience delight, gratitude and joy as you honor your mother this Mother’s Day!


P.S. If you’re truly short of ideas on how to please your mum, just click here!

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